This Morning viewers were left mindblown today, as a guest appeared on the show to discuss that she was finding it hard to find love as she is too “attractive”.

The 44 year-old mum of four named Dawn claimed that even her children’s friends think she’s hot.


She said her children aged 24, 22 and 18 claimed they’re ‘used to’ having such an attractive mum and that their friends would often ask if they could take her shopping or pick her up from work.

Talking to Phil and Holly on the sofa, she said:

Obviously I’m a very attractive woman, I look very young, I’m very fun and I’m not your typical 44-year-old mother of four children.”

As she discussed her trauma, the camera regularly focused on Phil who was biting his lip to try and hold back the laughter.


She went on to say: “I’m finding that younger guys are messaging me but they just want to take me out because I’m hot.

Phil didn’t appear overly keen on her attitude and made his feelings clear: “You are a very confident woman. It is going to be intimidating and, I’ve got to say, really rather unattractive to hear a man say, ‘I am hot, I am too good for you‘.”

“‘I am gorgeous, I am hot, I am too good for you’. Maybe that’s why you’re single.”

However Dawn didn’t seem to agree and responded with: “I’m not looking for Mr Perfect, no-one’s perfect. I’m looking for a guy that is willing to work on himself and understand what a woman’s needs are.”

“What I don’t agree with is a guy that could maybe lose a few pounds, could do some exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle but doesn’t do it.”

She even went as far as to say that she expects a man to treat her like a “princess”.

I need the full package. I need to be stimulated in my mind. Every part of me needs to be feeling like a princess every day.”

She even went on to say that she could even pull a rich man if she wanted, but is looking for true love rather than having millions in the bank.

Viewers were left in stitches as Phil finished the interview with the sarcastic quip: “Terrible curse to be so beautiful” – and Dawn didn’t seem to get the joke.

She nodded and agreed she really was finding it a chore to have good looks.

Watch the interview here: