Andi Peters was all kinds of shocked as one competition winner made a rather saucy confession live on Good Morning Britain earlier today!

The presenter surprised viewer Joanne first thing this morning when he presented her with a huge £5,000 cheque.

And when show hosts Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway went back to the winners, who are from Grimsby, fellow host Andi Peters asked them how they intended to spend their winnings, and the answer that husband Barry gave a hilarious answer.

His wife, Joanne, said that with the money they won on the competition she would love to treat a friend of hers that had recently gone through chemotherapy, and their son said that he would love to go to Disneyland.

Both heart warming answers, but what does Barry want to do with the money? Well they asked him.

Yes, that’s right. He said that with the money, “A weekend in a lap dancing club” would be in order.

Andi immediately tried to move on, saying: “Anyway, enough said about that!” While wife Joanne was struggling to fight back her laughter.

Viewers took to Twitter to comment on Barry’s honesty. One said: “A weekend in a lap dancing club… BOOM!”

Another added: “A weekend in a lap dancing club, bit early for that kind of talk sir!”

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