Presenter Lorraine Kelly had Tom Fletcher on the ITV morning show to talk about his new children’s book, and it was during the live segment a cameraman fell over, when a cameraman fell over.

Before the interview with the McFly star started, Fletcher decided to make his entrance with a HI-Vis jacket on and via a bin lorry.

And as Lorraine went to meet him at the back of the studio, the cameraman followed, and once Tom arrived in the building, Lorraine and the pop star started to make their way back to the studio to conduct the interview, and a cameraman tried his best to follow them.

Anyone who has seen a live show will have noticed that whenever you see a camera cut, you will invariably see other camera men scurrying around, crouching and contorting themselves into all manner of shapes and angles to try and get the best shot. Usually, camera men think about the shot before they think about any potential hazards.

And this is exactly the sort of mindset that befell the unfortunate cameraman in this live segment, as when he overzealously followed Lorraine and Tom, he ended up falling, going a*se over tea-kettle, and falling right beside them.

As the footage suddenly became chaotic, looking like something you might see in a found-footage horror film for a second, Lorraine and Tom rushed over to the cameraman on the floor to try and help him to his feet.

In true motherly style, host Lorraine Kelly could be heard saying: “Oh pet, you alright? Stand up, it’s ok”, as she handed over various pieces of equipment that had been dropped in the fall.

Ever the professionals however, the host and her guest carried on walking towards the set, trying to keep the show running as smoothly as possible.

But Lorraine did make time to give any viewers that might have been worried about the state of the cameraman a word of comfort, saying: “He’s fine, he’s given me the thumbs up – he’s ok.

“He just fell on his bottom, so he’s absolutely fine. He’s grand.”

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the comedy of errors they had just seen on their TVs.

One person said: “Cmon camera man where are you? Loool #Lorraine #thismorning.”

A different user put: “@reallorraine never a dull moment eh?   #Lorraine.”

Another viewer remarked: “If you’re having a bad day don’t forget about that poor cameraman! #Lorraine.”

While another person added: “The camera man falling over on live TV was hilarious!! That made my morning #Lorraine .”

I guess that’s live TV for you, you never can tell what will happen.

Check the video out below to view the scene!