Three teenage boys have shocked the nation after offering a helping hand to a homeless man who was in need of some TLC.

Szymon, Wojtek and Marcin who live in Nysa, Poland, were each gifted a smartwatch for their random act of kindness.

They were also praised by the city mayor for their good deed, after being filmed on CCTV giving a duvet to a homeless man.

During an interview, the boys unexpectedly saw the homeless man and asked if there was any way they could help make his night that little more comfortable.

The man told the boys he would love a blanket to keep himself toasty – but was unaware that they would in fact, give up their evening to make that wish come true.

The boys made their way around the town to see what they could find and came back with a duvet they had found as a gift for him.

One of the boys named Szymon told TVN24:

We took the quilt for this gentleman. We hugged him and he thanked us.”

He smiled and went to sleep. I am convinced that it was worth doing. If someone asks for help, we should give him a hand.”

The Mayor of Nysa, Kordian Kolbiarz even personally thanked the boys for their selfless act:”That’s a big gesture. I bow to you.

The world needs such gestures.”

The clip shows the boys approaching the man with the duvet and tucking it around him in the attempt to keep him warm.

They stated that they had found the duvet when spotting someone throwing out used household items.

What’s more – recent reports suggest that the homeless man is no longer on the streets.

Want to see the clip of the CCTV footage? Check it out below: