This made-for-TV role was one of our Holly’s first ventures onto the small screen. Let’s face it, S Club 7 were hardly going to sweep the Oscars for their efforts – in fact, it would probably be less Apocalypse Now and more Apocalypse Yesterday.

However, one thing they did manage to do with their made-for-TV film S Club 7: Artistic Differences, for which we should all be grateful, was help launch the career of a young lady named Holly Willoughby.

Holly would have been around 18 or 19 at the time of the film being made, and she was just as stunning back then.

She plays a character called Zoe – and won the role after appearing on CITV’s S Club TV.

In the footage from the film, Holly wears a simple black dress as she does some slightly dodgy acting, asking Paul Cattermole: “So I know someone with connections?”

Paul replies: “Holy cow!” as he notices that there’s a huge billboard of Holly in her bra above them in the street.

The band made several films during their time together which will undoubtedly be a goldmine for dubious acting and even more dodgy early-Noughties fashion. Frosted tips, jean-shorts, chunky highlights, disco-revival halter tops, Limp Bizkit. They happened, and we let them happen.

But anyway, it seems that Holly managed to get off lightly in this instance, as her little black dress in this scene is actually rather nice. And it seems that Holly has always had a lot of body confidence, given that though she was only 18 at the time, and like the bra advert she was in, she seems to be very comfortable in her own skin!

Check out the video below to see Holly, way back in 2000, for yourself!