Good Morning Britain viewers were spun into a frenzy earlier on today when they got a chance to hear something that you don’t hear very often on morning television.

The ITV morning show welcomed a guest from the Netherlands on for a chat this morning, and she was there to discuss catcalling.

Noa Jansma, 20, has recently taken to social media to call out men who catcall women, make noises in the street and make comments about women as they pass.

Jansma, who is now a social media star, has recently faced backlash for exposing the men who catcall. She maintains however that her intensions are to raise awareness of sexual harassment.

In an effort to spread the word, she joined Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain to discuss the issue, and with catcalling set to become illegal in the Netherlands from January, Noa revealed exactly why she did what she did.

As Piers debated with her over whether it was right to expose the men or whether she went too far, Noa revealed the negative comments on social media that have been directed her way.

As she did, the bombshell was dropped out of nowhere, and some viewers were not best pleased.

She suddenly said how one comment online read: “These m****rf****rs should die.”

Susanna was immediate in her apology to viewers for the use of such language so early in the morning, with it being live on air at just 7:20 in the AM.

Despite Susanna apologising profusely for what would no doubt offend some viewers, it was clear to see that Piers Morgan was holding back his laughter.

And needless to say, GMB viewers were on Twitter within seconds to voice their astonishment over what they had just heard.