20-year-old model Chloe Ayling has denied lying to the police about shopping with her alleged abductor.

Ayling defiantly said: “I don’t have anything to hide” while she was grilled by Piers Morgan about the details of her kidnapping story.

During the interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the mum said: “the truth will come out” regarding claims that her kidnapping was a faked and was a publicity stunt.

Chloe Ayling was quizzed over claims that she was drugged, bundled into a suitcase and put into a car, while Polish brothers Lukasz, 30, and Michal Herba, 36, both remain in custody accused of her kidnapping.

However, questions were raised this week over her version of events when a police dossier revealed that she had gone shopping and bought a pair of shoes whilst out with her kidnappers.

During her interview on Good Morning Britain today, Ayling said: “I didn’t lie, I just brushed it off. No one understands the reasoning unless you have been through what I have been through.

“No one can tell me how I should have behaved with the kidnapper or how I am reacting now.

“Everyone is believing theories over factual information.”

Piers grilled her about her story and pushed to find answers to claims that the young mum had been out shopping with her alleged kidnappers, and also that she was seen “laughing and joking” with her alleged abductor. When questioned, Ayling said: “I wasn’t laughing and joking. I don’t think someone should be judged until someone has been convicted.

“If I was just a normal 30-year-old, not a 30-year-old model, do you think people would have the same opinions? No.

“I can answer all of them [the questions]. I don’t have anything to hide, I want to answer questions, I don’t care.”

“Eventually it [the truth] will come out.”

The young model was spotted walking her dog near her home only hours after the news emerged that she had been shopping with her alleged kidnappers. The police report also confirms that Ayling burst into tears when she was told that a shopkeeper confirmed that she was with her abductor Lukasz when the shoes were purchased.

She told police: “It is true. I went with him to buy the shoes.”

According to The Sun, one officer asked: “So why did you lie to us?’’

Chloe, who resides in Coulsdon, South London, again broke down before admitting: “I don’t have a reasonable explanation.’’

Another officer asked in the interviews which took place on July 17: “Don’t you think it seems strange that you went to buy shoes with the person who kidnapped you?’’ To which Chloe replied: “He was the person who could save me and who could help me regain my freedom. That’s the reason I didn’t fight and I didn’t ask for help from the woman in the shop.’’

The British model claims that she was abducted in Milan after arriving for a photo shoot that turned out to be a trap. She plans to reveal everything about her alleged ordeal in a new book deal.

She also told Piers Morgan during her interview that the book deal was worth “thousands” of pounds.

Some viewers were accusing her of being smug on social media during the interview, with one person even going as far as saying that she appeared “so smug”.