With 60 deaths (including the perpetrator) and 527 casualties, the Vegas shooting has officially become the worst mass shooting in the modern history of the United States. There has never been a year in modern US history without at least one mass shooting, but oh no, guns aren’t the problem…

And with that in mind, Piers Morgan again brought up the subject that practically got him kicked off American TV, and that of course is the gun laws in the US, but this is one subject I am more than happy to agree with him on.

And in the wake of the massacre, as the dust settles and the same tired arguments about guns that we shouldn’t be having in this day and age are brought out, Piers Morgan lost it when he was debating a pro gun campaigner on Good Morning Britain.

The 52-year-old presenter was slowly but surely losing his rag while interviewing Dan Roberts, an American pro-gun campaigner, and Piers’ seething hit a crescendo when Roberts laughed during the interview and said that he hoped there would be no change to the gun laws.

Stephen Paddock, the gunman who eventually killed himself as police approached his room, unleashed a barrage of bullets onto innocent concertgoers outside the Mandalay Bay Hotel, killing 59 people and injuring well over 500 people. It is the worst shooting in the history of modern America.

It has since been revealed that gunman Stephen Paddock, a retired accountant, had a terrifying array of weaponry at his disposal which included 42 GUNS, scopes and explosives.

During the interview, Piers admitted that he “couldn’t debate [the gun laws argument] civilly because it enrages [him] too much”.

And after Roberts failed to answer Piers’ question, the GMB presenter interrupted him and said that he “wasn’t in the mood for distraction techniques.”

“I’m not distracting, you keep interrupting before I keep finishing my answer,” Roberts fired back.

Piers then demanded an answer to the question: “What can possibly justify buying 42 weapons, many of which are high-powered, semi-automatic rifles. How can you justify that?”

Roberts replied: “Piers, there you go again – there is nothing exceptionally high-powered about an AR-15. In fact, it shoots the most low powered centre fire rifle cartridge available in the market at the moment.”

Baffled by the pro-gun campaigner’s response, an incensed Piers said: “The man just shot 600 people! Of course they’re high-powered! We heard the bullets go off ourselves! We heard them firing, Dan! You’re talking complete and utter nonsense.”

Later, to prove an important point, Piers brought out two Kinder Surprise Eggs and when Roberts laughed, Piers said: “Don’t laugh, it’s not funny, 600 people got shot!”

He revealed that the chocolate is banned in the USA because of the choking hazard presented by the little toy that can be found inside.

Roberts insisted that that was “completely false”, but Piers insisted it’s true, which it is. Because of the toy’s choking hazard, The FDA and Consumer Product Safety Commission have made Kinder Surprise Eggs illegal in the USA. Guns are fine though.

Piers then said: “Time after time after these massacres, you come on this programme – you used to come on my programme in America – and you look us in the eye and say, ‘The only answer is to do nothing – there’s nothing wrong with guns, it’s the people!'”

He added: “Because of your insane gun laws he can arm himself with 42 weapons and unload six hundred bullets which hit Americans and people travelling from around the world, leaving 59 people dead.”