Is this the clip to prove that ghosts are real? A paranormal investigator really does think so, as film footage captures the moment he was flung across the room by a ‘presence’.

Rebecca Palmer, who is married to ghost hunter Sean Reynolds, claimed she has been taken over by the spirit of a ghost child.

The couple were filming at the 100-year-old New Mills Art Theatre in Manchester, for their new TV series on paranormal activity, after claims that ghostly activity was a regular occurrence.

In the footage, Rebecca is shown gripping onto a child’s doll, before becoming unresponsive to Sean, who is trying to talk her round.

As she awakes, Rebecca appears frightened and is repeatedly saying “mummy…mummy”.


Although she was later shaken-up by the event, Rebecca stated that she felt “honoured” the spirit had chosen her.

As soon as we walked in the room, I could feel there was something different in there, a different kind of energy.” the 34-year-old said.

I kept asking the others ‘do you feel that?’ but nobody else could sense anything.

Then I started to hear a voice – a little kid saying something. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but it was definitely a child’s voice. I could hear them chatting and laughing.

I asked but nobody else could hear it, I felt like I was going mad. Then suddenly this happened.

I can’t remember much of what happened. I remember I felt like a child but it was all a haze.

When I came out of it, it felt like when you have been dreaming and you remember fragments but can’t piece it all together.

It was quite frightening. I couldn’t stop shaking and I felt really weak and drained.

When we were going around the rest of the rooms I felt the little girl was still with me, following me. I kept getting waves of how she was feeling, she was so sad.

As a mum, it was really difficult knowing I had been taken over by the spirit of a child who had died. It really did affect me emotionally. It was really upsetting.

Sean is later seen trying to approach his wife, however, is thrown back with force onto the floor; presumably by the spirit.
He admitted that he was in total fear that he would never get his wife back to her normal state.


It was so emotional for me seeing Bex like that. I have never seen anything like it before.” he said.


When I reached out to touch her I felt this strong static charge go through me. It was this powerful force pushing me back and it threw me to the ground.

The whole team went into a panic. I don’t think any of us have experienced an energy so powerful before. It completely lifted me off my feet.

It was quite frightening but at the same time so intriguing. I don’t think the spirit was negative, just frightened.”

Watch the clip here: