If there’s one thing you don’t need after a couple dozen miles, it’s that kind of distraction!

Yes, that’s right, a man’s penis and testicles slipped out of his shorts just as he was about to head into the last stretch of a marathon.

In one of Europe’s oldest marathon-length races, the Kosice Peace Marathon in Slovakia, Jozef Urban put on an impressive display to eventually finish tenth, and considering what happened towards the end, that’s basically a miracle!

As the runner finally saw the finish line in sight, fans were treated to an unadulterated glimpse of his meat and two veg flopping around both vigorously and hilariously as they cheered him on. That’s gotta hurt!

Whether Jozef didn’t notice what had happened or simply didn’t care is up for debate, but whatever the case may be, the runner still managed to notch up his personal best finish as he shaved 27 seconds off his previous record.

Cruel irony set in for his final dash to the finish line however, as when he picked up the pace to separate himself from the rest of the pack in the final hundred meters, it also meant that his package was bouncing around even more.

The crowd didn’t seem to care either though, as they cheered the runner on and shouted and waved for him in the final push.

Naturally, there was going to be a few astonished expressions and a smattering of laughter, we’re only human after all, but for the most part people celebrated that Jozef had beaten his personal best after an astonishing 26 miles of running.

Now THAT is balls to the wall athleticism. Sorry.