A guy was spotted in the background of the Sky Sports cameras giving his mate what appeared to be ‘cocaine’ over the weekend.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the man in question, at ringside during the Anthony Crolla vs Ricky Burns on Saturday night, reaching into his pocket.

While the Sky Sports pundit Johnny Nelson was speaking into the camera, a man in the background can be seen reaching into his pocket, pulling it out before shoving his finger into a friend’s mouth.

Twitter user Jordan Hewlett spotted the curious incident and posted the footage online. After he did so, it quickly went viral as people debated and speculated as to what actually went on.

Users online had some interesting explanations for what it might of been, from Bonjela gum ointment to a packet of Star Dust that’d burst in his pocket.

One user said: “Makes total sense doing coke in a front row of a televised fight What a helmet!”

Another commented: “Well ern dont know bout you, but all my mates wonder what the lining of my pocket tastes like, so tht innocent pocket lick is all.”

And a third said: “The Bonjela comment was superb. At the boxing? Outbreak of mouth ulcers? Bonjela!”

The footage was shot during an interview during the coverage of the Anthony Crolla v Ricky Burns fight at Manchester Arena on Saturday night.

Crolla edged a classic non-title lightweight contest against Burns, with referees scoring it 116-113, 117-112, 116-114 with the unanimous victory going to Crolla.

Both Crolla and Burns went into the bout following world title losses.