Warburton’s has released a video clip of Peter Kay’s unused pitches in this outtakes video for their new line and they are hilarious!

In an advert that is due to be seen for the first time this Saturday, Peter Kay evokes one of the most famous love stories around as he recreates romantic scenes in Warburton’s most recent ad ‘Pride and Breadjudice.”

We’ve received glimpses of the advert, and from what we’ve seen so far, the advert that retells the story of Pride and Prejudice through the prism of Mr Warburton’s own romantic history, the Bolton comic looks like he could make a decent heart throb yet!

From Ghost to Pride and Prejudice to even a little bit of Poldark for good measure, the advert is spoofing some of the most famous romance scenes in history.

We see Peter pitching hilarious ideas in the outtakes

Speaking on the advert himself, the award winning stand up comedian and writer Peter Kay, who has been married to his wife Susan Gargan for 16, has revealed that he does indeed have a romantic side.

The father-of-one said: “I’m very romantic. As time passes it’s very important to keep being romantic.

“Flowers, chocolates, weekends away and occasionally I take the wife. Hey!! See you’re laughing already and the whole world’s a bit brighter for it.”

Kay describes the advert as the tale of the love shared between Thomas and Ellen Warburton, and it shows how their business first took off.

Peter Kay plays Thomas Warburton, a seeds salesman who falls in love with his future wife Ellen.

A bewildered Manager listening to Peter’s pitch

But before any of that could take place, before the final decisions were made and the advert was shot and we wait eagerly to see the results, the idea had to be thought up. These things tend to go through many minds and many hands before a decision is reached.

You can imagine that Peter Kay through his ideas into the hat to see what they could spoof, and in this video below, released by Warburton’s YouTube channel, Peter Kay reveals the outtake ideas for the advert.

Click on the video below to see Peter’s hilarious ideas!