A farm worker who killed 79 piglets by belly flopping onto them has been jailed for 15 months along with a friend who also worked with him that filmed the barbaric incident.

A court in Spain ruled that the man who killed the piglets actions were ‘unjustifiable and cruel’. Both he and his work colleague who was also involved were subsequently banned from being involved in any sort of profession that deals with animals in any way for three and a half years.

They were also ordered to pay a fine of 4,470 euros in compensation to the company that owned the animals, which amounts to 60 euros for each piglet.

The incident, in which the man dived on the piglets three times, took place at a farm in Huercal-Overa in Almeria, and it was recorded and circulated on WhatsApp by a friend who filmed the situation on his mobile phone.

Animal campaigners have lobbied for a longer prison sentence because of the outrage it caused.

The court in Almeria was told that the two men, who are only identified as D.A.A and MR, were aged 18 to 22 when the ‘prank’ took place, and were working with a large number of piglets, that were aged between 19 and 27 days old, when D.A.A managed to get inside the pen and belly-flopped on top of them three times.

The court was told that he treated the pen “like a swimming pool”.

MR, the second man, stood by filming the incident and was criticised by the judge for not immediately intervening or trying to stop what was happening.

Spanish newspapers who were reporting on the case say that 19 piglets died at the scene and the others were seriously injured by crushing and either died at a later date or suffered such horrific injuries they had to be put down.

The judge commented that the 21 second video was ‘repulsive’.