As the adulterous Simon in Doctor Foster, Bertie Carvel may have given life to one of the most despised characters in Britain right now, but during this interview on This Morning, the actor behind the character didn’t exactly win round any viewers.

He was on This Morning chatting to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to discuss what might be happening in the upcoming series two finale.

Bertie, looking clean shaven as he is stripped of the Doctor Foster beard, dodged the question asked of him by Phillip about a possible third series.

However, despite the hosts’ best efforts, Bertie remained coy about what to expect in the upcoming finale, mentioning that he was unable to discuss anything about the upcoming climax to one of the most thrilling dramas on British TV.

“There are ninjas waiting in the wings to kill me if I say anything,” he told Holly and Phil.

But while he refused to give anything away about the finale’s tightly guarded plot, he ended up revealing what might prove to be a massive spoiler about the future of his character Simon.

He hinted that this could be the final time we see Simon on our screens either way, as he answered one of Phillip’s questions.

“This may be my final ever appearance on national television so how could I possibly comment about a third series?” he said replying to a question about the future of the character.

As he talked about the series, he was sure to avoid letting slip what viewers could expect from the finale, and dodged Holly’s questions about it.

Avoiding Holly Willoughby’s question, he said: “It’s about justice, what do you want to happen? Mike [Bartlett] is interested in what the audience thinks should happen. Who’s fault is it?”

To which she replied: “I’m not so interested in telling you what I think, Bertie. I don’t think that’s really particularly helpful.”

But some viewers of This Morning seemed distracted by how Bertie was coming across in the interview, with some suggesting that he appeared “awkward” and others even saying he seemed to come across as “rude.”

Writing on Twitter, one fan said: “The actor who plays Simon Foster is being a little rude in my opinion! #DoctorFoster #ThisMorning.”

Fans thought Bertie’s behaviour was odd

While another commented: “How awkward is this interview with the guy from #doctorfoster? #ThisMorning.”

“Wow. Bertie Carvel playing the role of someone that really didn’t want to be there on #ThisMorning. #DoctorFoster #awkward,” another joked.

Another said: “Well that was a disappointing interview from Bertie Carvel aka Simon Foster totally preoccupied somewhere else, distracted, lack of eye contact, not listening etc not very engaging! @thismorning”

Another fan didn’t take too kindly to the round-about way that Bertie was avoiding giving anything away, simply saying: “Bertie from dr foster isn’t too unlike his character! What an idiot! Just answer the question you’re being asked! Ughh!”

Never fear, TV fans, you’ll be able to see all the answers to the questions that Bertie couldn’t give you tonight at 9pm.

Until then, check out the awkward interview below!