Viewers were left in both hysterics and shock at Adam and Victoria Barton’s sex scene last night.

The members of the Emmerdale cast were caught getting jiggy with it on the floor of the kitchen by Ross Barton and Charity Dingle.

Ross and Charity had been arguing about their son Moses when they stumbled upon and accidently interrupted the couple in the kitchen who were suspiciously holding a cucumber.

The pair then questioned Adam and Victoria who were giggling, and asked them what they were doing with the vegetable in question.

Charity asked: “What are you doing? Messing around with cucumbers while eating each other’s faces off?”

Fans took to social media to wonder exactly what the pair had been doing.

One said: “I hope Victoria doesn’t use that cucumber in someone’s salad.”

Another added: “I don’t wanna know what she was doing with that cucumber.”

A third chipped in: “Adam and Victoria playing a bit of ‘hide the cucumber’.”

A fourth wrote: “Where’s that cucumber been then??”

All very good questions, and from this scene, I feel like we’re getting way more questions than we are answers. Oh boy.

What do you think? Check out the video below to see what happened!