It wasn’t the best night for the Emmerdale research team, and fans picked up on two huge gaffes in major storylines and voiced their outrage on social media.

And while people might very well put it down to being arm-chair expert/Monday morning quarterbacks, there does seem to be a line of legitimacy when it comes to the complains of people online regarding the storyline in which the unstable Emma steals her grandson from a maternity unit and Finn’s miraculous survival after being shot.

But nurses around the country have slammed the soap opera for the way they handled the harrowing scene in which Emma just walked out of the neo-natal ward with a baby, with many slamming the “poor research” involved in putting the show together.

Nurses were outraged because of the fact that the deranged killer Emma managed to waltz onto the ward, which is usually littered with security checks and things of that nature, and managed to take the infant without being stopped or any alarms going off.

People voiced their outrage and social media, and it wasn’t pretty.

One tweeted the show and said: “As a neonatal nurse I’m appalled at your portrayal of how easy it appears to abduct a bay from NICU, #emmerdale #inaccurate #poorresearch”

Another added: “Well she shouldn’t be going anywhere – all babies are tagged and will set an alarm off plus CCTV – so will it be accurate?”

“Total rubbish and infuriating!! Babies always in secure areas… this couldn’t happen! #unrealtv #angry” said a third.

And a mum with experience of children in the NICU added: “Av been on the nicu with two babies and you certainly can’t get in and out that easy. Where were the nurses?? Ridiculous storyline tonight.”

Fans were also praying for Finn Barton, after a gunshot wound left him fighting for his life in hospital.

Office assistant Finn – played by actor Joe Gill in the ITV soap, left us all on a cliff-hanger as he flatlined in the closing moments of the show, leaving viewers on edge as to whether he was going to make it or not, after he was shot by his mother Emma.

Fans again took to social media to express their hope that Finn would make it after surviving the night in the woods after being shot, and managed to get the attention of Cain Dingle and Harriet Fitch after flinging himself in front of their car.

Fans expressed their hope that Finn makes it on Twitter, with one saying: “I am going to be so annoyed if they kill off Finn or blame Adam as the shooter!! emmerdale, give us what we want, a happy ending!!”

Another said: “I am going to be so annoyed if they kill off Finn or blame Adam as the shooter!! emmerdale, give us what we want, a happy ending!!”

While a third suggested that “If Finn dies on emmerdale we riot.”

But while many people were hoping for a recovery, others took to social media to express their disbelief at how Finn managed to survive through the night after suffering what would almost certainly have been fatal blood loss following being shot.

One person asked that very question, saying: “How has Finn survived all this time after being shot #Emmerdale.”

Another expressed similar incredulity, asking: “How is Finn still alive after being shot with a rifle?!  #emmerdale”

A third wrote: “Aw come on #emmerdale he’s been losing blood and out all night and now he can walk???”