As you all know, Piers Morgan isn’t exactly the best person to be sat next to if you have a short temper, but whatever the case may be, Charlotte Hawkins had officially had enough.

And if it carries on this way, then Good Morning Britain may have to become Good Evening Britain, if it does indeed carry on this way, the odds on seeing some Jon Jones spinning elbows heading Piers Morgan’s way may increase.

It happened after Piers suggested that Charlotte Hawkins’ commitment to Strictly Come Dancing might be affecting her mood.

The route of the issue came from Piers Morgan taking issue with how Charlotte Hawkins reported on the football he seemingly loves to dearly. He had to just be trying to goad them, because then he accused his co-hosts of reading mindlessly reading autocues, instead of being a ‘proper’ journalist like him.

Although to be fair, her reporting was pretty bad, given that she referenced Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette’s headed goal against West Brom as him “head butting” the ball. She also suggested that he had scored a “point” instead of a “goal”.

So yeah, not the best.

Piers had heard enough at this point, and accused Charlotte and his co-host Susanna Reid of being “autocuties”. Oh Piers, I see what you did there, you rascal.

Charlotte defended herself by saying: “I looked at it and he butted it with his head. I would say sport isn’t my area of expertise but you can’t say what I said was completely wrong.”

But her defence didn’t sit well with Piers, who then suggested that the work she’d put in with Strictly had resulted in Charlotte having a temper.

“Don’t take your anger management issues from your long days out on me young lady,” he said. “Just because Brendan is at you head butting you all day, it’s not my fault.”

It’s almost like he wants to be hated by everyone around him.

Anyhow, Charlotte gave her first performance on the hit BBC show last week, wherein she performed a foxtrot with her dance partner, Brendan Cole.

As the tensions raised, Susanna threw her hat into the ring and stepped in to defend Charlotte as she suggested that it was Piers who was asking for it.

“I’m not normally an advocate of head butting on live television,” she said, before being interrupted by Morgan.

“You were definitely hinting at physical violence against a colleague,” he said, “a coworker in the workplace, in my safe space.”

Viewers took to their Twitters to voice their wishes that the threat of violence had been real, with one saying: “Show him the difference between a headbutt and a header @CharlotteHawkns.”

Another claimed that the only reason they watched GMB was to see the promise of violence fulfilled: “I watch #GMB every morning in the hope that one of the presenters will kick Piers Morgan.”

Either way, it looks like a head-butt for real may very well be on the horizon for Piers if he keeps these shenanigans up.