BBC Breakfast and Football Focus presenter Dan Walker was forced to step in as his co-hosts got into a heated argument on the morning show.

The shocking scenes came took place as Steph McGovern revealed a guest at a home show in Birmingham had created a portrait of her using nothing but screws.

Seeing the picture, Naga Munchetty quipped: “It would be the absolute perfect picture of you if one of the screws was loose.”

Steph, who was not in studio, replied: “Ah Naga, you are shocking! Just because I’m not there. Say that to my face love!”

A stunned Dan had to step in before things got out of hand, saying: “Be nice, be nice. No need to fight you two.”

Laughing at her co-host and un-shook by the quip, Naga joked: “Oh, I’m proper scared now.”

“I will be backing McGovern if that ends in a wrestling match,” Dan said.

Naga didn’t take too kindly to his comment, asking: “Really? Really?”

Steph and Naga were quick to point that they were only joking around, as the latter exclaimed: “You know I love you. I’ll see you next week.”

As the cameras returned to the studio, Dan quipped to Naga: “I bet you have a good headlock on you.”

“We’ll find out later” Naga retorted.