Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, this video will show you why you should always keep one eye on the sea when going for a dip.  

And much like the film that made everyone terrified of the sea, British holiday goers fled the sea as fast as they could after a shark was seen swimming perilously close to snorkelers and swimmers just off a Spanish beach.  

Naturally, the beach was packed with sunbathers and the like, and as such, the site of an 8ft shark coming within yards of oblivious holidaymakers as they splashed around (not really the best course of action) in Benidorm, looked like it came straight out of the aforementioned classic film.  

Usually the waters are safe for children and swimmers alike, but Julie Roberts, a holidaymaker on the beach when it all kicked off, fled the scene after she spotted the shark’s fin poking out of the water. Again, just like the film.  

The 56-year old said that swimmers and snorkelers were oblivious to the perils of what was right next to them and stayed in the sea. Lifeguards, noticing the shark, urged people to get out.  

Julie, who is from Cheltenham, spoke to the Sun and said: “I was out swimming doing my thing on my own and then when I came back in there were lifeguards blowing their whistles and there was an atmosphere. 

“We looked over and could see two fins coming towards the shoreline. 

“There was a snorkeler just feet away from this animal and he didn’t realise. It was terrifying. 

“There was another lady swimming on her own the other side and she was totally oblivious to what was going on.” 

Julie, who was taking in the sun on holiday with some friends, said that Costa Blanca beachgoers shouted at the woman to try and make her aware of the shark swimming dangerously close to her. Once she realised, she got out of the water as quickly as she could.  

She added: “We didn’t expect to see that in such shallow water.” 

The type of shark is still unknown at this point in time, but dozens of species of shark are commonplace in the Mediterranean.  

Julie also mentioned that the shark managed to strand itself in the beach momentarily because of the shallow water, looking distressed with its tail “flipping around”.  

However, shortly after the fish managed to hurl itself back into the water, and promptly swam out of sight.  

It’s not ridiculously uncommon for people to be attacked by sharks. The common thought is that sharks see our kicking legs in the water and are unsure of what we are. So they come up to investigate by grabbing us in its mouth to get a closer look. 

Although sometimes I would imagine it’s just because they’re hungry. Still, they say you’re more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark, but a vending machine in the water wouldn’t clear a beach like that.

Check out the video below. The video credit goes to @shanksy03 from Twitter who managed to capture the rare and rather scary incident.