Supernanny Jo First wasn’t too impressed when Katie Price admitted she swears frequently in front of her children.

Jo appeared on yesterday’s show of Loose Women to give viewers parenting advice during a Q and A session, as one Loose Women fan contacted the show to ask her opinion on whether swearing in front of children is okay.

Katie revealed that swearing was her biggest confession when it comes to parenting.

 She revealed Junior has been offered a clothing range deal

The former glamour model said: “In my house, wherever I am, there’s a kid near me.

I do swear, I can’t help it. I do it all the time. I don’t do it on purpose.”

Jo challenged Katie to be more mindful of her behavior around the house and aim to ban the use of foul language around her young children.

I think we should be more conscious of the language we use around our children and I believe that if you really focused on saying to yourself…” Jo said.

I’m going to be mindful about not swearing. I bet you, I challenge you. I bet you can do it

You can [control it] and that’s my point“.

 The TV star addressed a number of problems involving kids

However, viewers were outraged when Katie confessed her kids have tried to put a stop to her bad habits and have even got to the extent of creating swear jar to count how many times she drops foul words.

Katie admitted her kids tell her: “‘You [swear] all the time. We’re going to put money in a jar every time you swear”.

This isn’t the first time Katie has been blasted by fans and followers for her parenting skills.

In 2015, Katie uwas spotted with her then eight-year-old daughter Princess wearing a full face of make-up.

However, after receiving a backlash from shocked fans, Princess decided to rant to the camera and upload a video online with the caption ‘Princess fires back #family’ making it clear that it was that it was her own decision to look this way.

In the clip, the little girl states: ‘By the way, I want to do my make-up, not my mum. I do. And anyway, it’s none of your beeswax! So oosh!’

During yesterday’s show, Katie said that her two eldest children, Junior, 12, and Princess, now aged 10 are embarking on their own careers.

 Katie's kids Junior and Princess are already landing lucrative business deals

Junior has been approached to start his own fashion range, whilst Princess is reported to be writing a book.

Telling her Loose Women panelists of her kids’ ambitions of being in the spotlight, she stated that Princess would only be allowed to promote her new book during holidays, to avoid missing school.

They’ve already done jobs, they don’t go to stage school, but they [want to be in the industry]” She said.

Junior wants to be a Vlogger, or whatever you call it, have a YouTube channel.”

I have to reign him in. I say you can’t do it just ‘cos of who you are.”

Katie is also mum to Harvey now aged fifteen, Jett, three, and Bunny, two.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think (skip forward to about 2minutes)

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