Peter Kay is the master of the subtle gag that only becomes apparent on the second, third or even fourth viewing.

You might think that Peter Kay’s style of subtle humour would be a style that doesn’t conform well to a short advert, and in a lot of cases, you would be right. After all, how long are modern adverts? About 30 seconds? A minute maximum? And in that time you have to get all the information you want to sell across, while making it entertaining and memorable.

So with that in mind, what time is there left over to work in blink-and-you’ll-miss-them gags? Well leave it to Peter Kay to find a way. And in case you’ve missed it, there are some brilliant little gags in the new Warburtons advert that you might well have missed first time around.

Here are six of them!

  1. Lord North of the Wall – A Game of Thrones Reference to Jon Snow

This isn’t the first time that Peter Kay has managed to sneak in a sneaky homage to HBO’s widely successful show Game of Thrones, as in the Bolton funnyman’s hit BBC show Car Share, Conleth Hill – who plays the scheming Lord Varys in the fantasy epic – pops in to cameo as a drunken smurf.

But this time, in the highly anticipated Warburton’s advert, Peter Kay sneaks another reference to GOT in, as when the heroine of the tale, Ellen, needs to find a husband, her father gives her the pick of the Lords from neighbouring lands. One of which is Lord North of the Wall.

No prizes if you can guess who that is mean to be! I’ll give you a clue…he knows nothing.

  1. Phoenix Nights Ring Tone

Anybody who is a fan of the classic Peter Kay sitcom Phoenix Nights remembers the theme song, and that is another subtle little gag that the Bolton comic managed to sneak into the advert, when in the boardroom delivering his pitch, Peter answers his phone and the classic theme can be heard!

  1. Garlic bread – One of Peter Kay’s most classic jokes never gets old

“Garlic bread. It’s the future, I’ve tasted it” was the line uttered by Brian Potter, one of Kay’s best creations. And it’s one of Peter Kay’s greatest lines. It was recently it was voted by the viewers on UKTV GOLD as the greatest one-liner in sitcom history.

Second place went to Caroline Aherne’s Mrs Merton, who famously asked Debbie McGee “what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?”


  1. I love Bltn tapestry – A cheeky homage to Peter’s home town in the form of a classic tapestry

 An important part of what makes Peter Kay’s material so funny is the classic delivery. And not many accents lend themselves to comedic timing quite like the accent heard in Bolton. Not only that, but Peter is very proud of his home town. So much so, that he even snuck in a cheeky homage to his home in the background of the advert.

  1. Kayleigh the horse

 Kayleigh the horse can be seen when Peter Kay, who plays Mr Warburton, rushes in to interrupt the marriage of his future wife and the man we learn, shockingly, is from Leeds!

Here is another hidden gag that you would only get if you were a fan of one of the best and most critically acclaimed shows in recent years, Peter Kay’s Car Share. And in the advert, it’s clear to see that Kay has slipped in a little tribute to his co-star Sian Gibson.

  1. Av It – A reference to the classic John Smiths Advert 

Who can forget the classic John Smiths advert starring Peter Kay? I think the advert speaks for itself, click on the link below to see it in all its glory!