Melissa Joan Hart – Sabrina

After the show came to an end, Melissa Joan Hart had a highly successful career. She became a firm favourite in households everywhere all thanks to her role as ‘Sabrina’.

Her most recent role was in the sitcom Melissa and Joey in 2015, however in 2009 she opened her own candy shop called SweetHarts – loving the pun!

It’s no secret that Melissa has suffered with a number of drug issues over the years, but now she’s a mum-of-three, she seems to have resolved things and is happily married to musician, Mark Wilkerson.

Nick Bakay – Salem

We all just loved Salem didn’t we? The sarcastic, lovable cat we all wanted to keep as our own.

Well, we’re excited to reveal all these years later that the man behind the voice was in fact Nick Bakay. Not only was he a great voice over artist in the role of Salem, but also wrote a number of episodes for the show.

In 2013, he became producer for the hit TV series Mom.

Nate Richert- Harvey

I think all we ever heard was the word ‘Harvey’ come out of Sabrina’s lips. How could we forget that name? I bet you’ve been dying to see what Sabrina’s hunky love interest looks like now.


We were too!

Nate Richert is now a musician and entertainer and has taken on a completely different look. Instead of his clean-shaven, floppy haired look, he now sports a beard and glasses – oh, and not as much hair.

David Lascher – Josh

We were always hoping that one day Sabrina and Harvey would get together, but you may remember that Josh and Sabrina also had a brief fling.

David Lascher had previously starred in Nickelodeon’s Hey Dude before appearing on Sabrina. We didn’t really see Josh and Sabrina’s relationship blossom until season 6.

Like Beth who played Aunt Zelda, David also appeared in Melissa and Joey with Melissa Joan Hart in 2014 – woah wasn’t this an awesome reunion?


Jenna Leigh Green – Libby
You may remember Libby as Sabrina’s bully in the show. Luckily for Sabrina, she left the show in season 4.

Since quitting, Jenna Leigh Green hasn’t left the world of magic behind. She toured the US in the hit musical Wicked; playing the role of Nessarose and understudied the lead role of Elphaba.

Michelle Beaudoin – Jenny
Michelle Beaudoin is perhaps best known for her role of Jenny in the sitcom. Whilst her appearance on the show was short-lived, she went on to feature in a couple of other shows.

Her most recent credit was in the 2005 police television series – Cold Squad which seems to be her latest appearance to date.

Lindsay Sloane – Valerie

Lindsay Sloane played ‘Valerie’ – Sabrina and Harvey’s best friend in the show. She remained as part of the cast until season 4.

Since her departure, she starred in films such as Bring It On, She’s Out of My League and The Accidental Husband.

In 2004, Lindsay married Dar Collins, an agent for creative management and they both had one daughter together. Rumour has it that the couple are expecting their second child this summer.

Martin Mull – Willard Kraft

Martin Mull played the role of Willard Kraft in the popular show, and was a stickler for giving out unnecessary detentions.

What you may not realise is that whilst Martin became familiar with the teenage audience during Sabrina, he is actually a veteran within show-business and is now in his fifth decade performing.

Most recently, you may have spotted him in the role of Russell in Two and a Half Men

Caroline Rhea – Aunt Hilda

Everyone loved Carolina Rhea in the role of Aunt Hilda. Full of whit and sass – she was the more quirky of the two aunts. Since leaving her most iconic role behind, Caroline has gone on to host a large number of TV shows and has gone back to her roots of stand-up comedy.

Her most recent credit was being the voice over of Linda Flynn-Fletcher in Disney’s Phineas and Ferb.

Beth Broderick – Aunt Zelda

The more sensible of the two aunts, Beth Broderick played the role of Aunt Zelda in the hit show. Since leaving, she has gone on to star in a number of stage roles such as The Mousetrap and The Lion in Winter.

It just so happened that Beth was re-united with her co-star Melissa Joan Hart in Melissa and Joey in 2014, when she played the role of Dr. Ellen Radier.