And believe me, when I tell you, you’ll never be able to watch the show in the same way again – sort of like when you work out how a magic trick is done.

When you watch The Apprentice, more often than not you’ll see budding entrepreneurs embarking on challenges on warm sunny days. Often, you’ll see them wearing sunglasses or with their sleeves rolled up.

Sometimes, you might even see both!

You’ll be able to see that it’s a hot day because they look warm, as they wipe sweat off their forehead, or when you see people around them dressed in summer clothes too.

So, with that in mind, why is it that when only a few hours later after they’ve been fired from the project by Lord Sugar (which, by the way, sounds like the name of a pimp, there, I’ve said it!), why is it that they emerge from the offices of the business mogul and into a seemingly warm and sunny afternoon, they’re always wearing big winter coats and scarves?

I mean, I know its England, but even for our infamously temperamental weather, the temperature can’t have changed that much?

That is precisely the question that many eagle-eyed fans and viewers of the show, who have noticed the inconsistency, have been asking on social media, as they notice the sharp change in seasonal wear.

One person said: “Swear you have to wear a scarf and trench coat to go on the apprentice…#TheApprentice”

Another mirrored that thought, and even asked Lord Sugar’s aide, Claude, asking: “@claudelittner Apprentice is obviously filmed during summer so why does the loser always wear winter coat and scarf as they board the taxi?”

Why indeed.

Well, as it turns out, the reason why they go from beads of sweat on the brow with sunglasses and rolled up sleeves to winter coats and scarves in the space of a couple of hours is a very good one. And when I tell you, it’ll change the way you look at the show forever!

Y’see, the shot where you see the hopeful new members in Lord Sugar’s business empire looking dejected, desolate and disappointed as they walk out of Lord Sugar’s office as rejects isn’t exactly all as it might seem.

Because that particular shot is filmed before any of the filming even begins.

I know, right? Yes, apparently all contestants do the proverbial ‘walk of shame’ to the taxi on the first day of filming, but only one of them, the eventual winner, will never have to see their walk used on the show!

Coats and scarves are used to cover up the clothing that they’ll eventually be wearing on the day that they’re fired, because more often than not, they’ll be wearing different clothes at the end than they did at the start.

The reason they do this is because Lord Sugar’s offices are ages way from the TV studio in which the shows are actually filmed, so it’s just easier to do all of the walks of shame in one go and use them later.

Yes, Santa isn’t real, wrestling isn’t real, magic isn’t real, and The Apprentice has lied to you.

To quote a line from Little Britain: lies upon lies upon deceit upon lies!