Phillip Schofield was spotted on a night out with his daughter, Ruby last night, for the launch of Gino D’Campo’s new restaurant in London.

The 55-year-old This Morning presenter tied the knot to Stephanie Lowe in 1993 and the pair have two daughters. Ruby graduated from Leeds Beckett University.

The pair have hardly ever being spotted publicly together and fans have been going mental on social media with comments on how stunning the 21-year-old is looking.

Phillip was looking rather merry in snaps captured from the event and was sporting a more casual look than what This Morning viewers may be used to.

Before entering the new restaurant, passers-by were desperate to shake hands and take a selfie with the presenter, before himself and Ruby; dressed in a bright pink jumper, black jeans and ankle boots, burst out laughing at a drunk dancer in the street.

Other guests on the list included Top Gear star Richard Hammond, so was looking a little worse for wear at the end of the night as he was escorted by wife Mindy, into the back of a cab.

However, this isn’t the first time Phillip has had one-too-many whilst on a night out.

After last year’s National Television Awards, Phillip and co-star Holly Willoughby turned up to the This Morning set wearing the clothes from the previous evening after pulling an all-nighter.

Wearing a glamorous white floor-length dress but looking completely drained, Holly said: ‘Should we be honest? ‘I haven’t been home yet. We came straight here.’ 

I’m covering up mint sauce on my dress,’ she chuckled.

This is a lovely dress, but can you see the yellow stains? It’s mustard and piccalilli, before you jump to any conclusions.

Phillip was quick to apologise to viewers for their hungover state:

We’re in a mess,’  We can only apologise. We celebrated on behalf of each and every one of you.

Neither of us should be on television.’ He said.

As the pair aimed to pull themselves together to present the two-hour show, Phillip lost it at one point and crumpled in a heap from laughing.

Viewers were left in stitches as they awkwardly watched him curl up on the sofa with his feet propped, up as if he were about to take a nap.

Want to see the hilarious clip again from the legendary ‘morning after’ show? Check it out here:

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