Peter Andre has reportedly taken legal action against Katie Price after suggestions she claimed he’s cheated on her.

She’s since took to Twitter to try and rubbish those claims but it maybe too late for the 39 year old.

She had supposedly said the end of their marriage was comparable to the BBC drama Doctor Foster which surrounds an unfaithful husband and his tormented wife.

On Friday night she tweeted:”I did not ever say in any words from my mouth on my tour to suggest Pete cheated on me as everyone knows he never did. Sorry” [sic].”

Th Sun has reported that Peter has taken legal action after she supposedly made the comments.

Never has it been suggested Andre has cheated on his first wife and a source speaking for him said:

“Peter didn’t cheat on Katie and wasn’t happy when she suggested he had during her tour.

“After her comments were made public, Pete got his lawyers involved and Katie was issued with a legal letter. That’s the real reason she tweeted to say sorry.”

“Pete never cheated on Katie. He never speaks about her and can’t understand why she just won’t leave him alone,” the insider added. “She always brings him, or their marriage, up and he just wishes she would stop.”

All this has come about after she gave a cryptic answer to a question on her tour about Pete’s faithfulness.

She said: “I don’t stalk anyone. Have you seen Dr Foster? That’s the answer to that question. Use your brain if you know what I’m trying to say …”