Paddy McGuinness walks out of interview with This Morning after playing ‘daft’ game

Former Phoenix Nights star Patrick ‘Paddy’ McGuinness stormed out of a live interview on ITV’s daytime magazine show This Morning, leaving hosts Holly and Phillip lost for words and wondering whether he was having a bit of fun or actually serious.

The walk-out happened on an edition of the show in 2014, after the Bolton comedian, who is a very good friend of Peter Kay, had his interview cut short where he was discussing his new show Amazing Greys.

He became riled because he felt that Holly and Phil had wasted his studio time by playing what he described as a ‘daft’ game, where he was guessing the identity of a mystery person on a television screen.

As Phillip concluded the interview, Paddy exclaimed, pointing his finger and shaking his head”: “Please no, please no.

“Again, is that it? What we playing that daft game for?

“We could have been having a chat”

Phillip replied “We’ve just talked about your show…” Before Paddy cuts in “I know but I like talking to you two because I like you and this has happened again”!

He continued: “You’ve had me play Brian May, Desi…” Before getting up, throwing a piece of paper and walking out as Holly gave details of when Amazing Greys will broadcast. Take a look at the full clip below. Do you think he was jesting, or was he legitimately upset?