Chris Jericho is fondly remembered by wrestling fans. He is a six time world champion and is regarded as one of the best of his generation. Not only that, he is reputed for bringing several new style of moves to the sport…

And the first move associated with Jericho that will spring to mind..The Walls of Jericho, also known as the Boston Crab.

You cannot dispute that there are plenty of similarities between wrestling and MMA but did you ever think that you would see The Walls of Jericho being used to finish off an opponent in MMA? Probably not..but it happened only yesterday.

The Full Contact Contender 19 event in Bolton went down last night and Jonno Mears pounded his opponent, Aaron Jones. The finishing move to get the latter to tap out? None other than The Walls of Jericho. And apparently it caused poor Jones agony!

Even the main man Chris Jericho himself was made aware of it.

Watch the video here:

This finishing move was made even more unusual due to the fact it was only Mears’ second fight in the MMA profession. The Rochdale fighter made in 2 wins in 2 and he has certainly drawn attention to himself after last night’s fight.

He’s certainly one to look out for!