Recent reports have suggested that Kate and Gerry McCann and their ‘Tapas Seven’ holiday friends have never once been questioned by British police on the disappearance of Madeline.

The government recently added another £12 million to the search fund, which has now been put towards the hunt of a ‘person of significance’ and therefore a new lead into the investigation.

 A family of the McCann's months before the three-year-old disappeared

However, despite the money that has been added to the fun towards Madeline’s search, many have been left shocked that her parents have not once been quizzed about the night she went missing, but instead, British police have used key interviews as the sole evidence.

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Former Met detective Colin Sutton suggested this form of communication could have been a huge slip in the investigation: “I would conduct fresh interviews with all the key British witnesses. We’re talking about interviews given by the McCanns and friends through an interpreter, written down in Portuguese and then translated back into English so officers from Grange can read them. The room for error would be enormous.”

Police have suggested that the person in question possibly connected to the disappearance is a “critical line of inquiry”.

Madeleine McCann was three years old when she went missing.A source told The Sunday Times: “It is as much to rule the person out of the inquiry as anything else“.

Until the new budget came into action last week, more than £11 million had been spent on the investigation known as ‘Operation Grange’.

Funds were expected to be cut at the end of September, however, the added £12 million was agreed by the Home Office, following an application from Met Police.

 A general view of apartments at the Ocean Club in Luz in the Algarve, Portugal, where Madeleine went missing

Madeline disappeared in May 2007 at the age of three and would now be 14 years old.

The extra funds are expected to last until March 2018.