The parents of Madeline Mccann have been verbally abused by trolls for receiving an extra sum of cash to continue the search for their missing daughter.

The official website of the campaign posted out to followers this week: “We’ve been barraged with hate via Facebook.”

It appears the huge outburst has occurred due to The Home Office’s decision of granting another £154,000 in the search for Maddie, which is set to last for another six months.

 Operation Grange is still active in Portugal
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A spokesperson on behalf of the Home Office said:

Following an application from the Metropolitan police, the Home Office has confirmed funding for Operation Grange until the end of March 2018. As with all applications, the resources required are reviewed regularly and careful consideration is given before any funding is allocated.

A source close to Kate and Gerry commented on their feelings towards the amount of verbal abuse they have been receiving in recent times:


Kate and Gerry are angry and upset that people continue to write false and malicious things against them.

Every time a positive story appears the trolls kick in with even more abuse. It’s been going on for 10 years.”

 Their daughter Madeleine disappeared from a holiday flat in Portugal ten years ago
Kate and Gerry themselves have agreed that regardless of funding, they will never give up on searching for their daughter.

During an interview, mother Kate said: “We will go on, try our hardest, never give up and make the best of the life we have.

The source went on to say:

“They are extremely grateful for the continued support by the Home Office and the Met Police, and they receive many positive messages from wellwishers.

But the trolling spoils it and whilst they try and ignore it they can’t always.”

A supporter of the McCann’s made her opinion known via the Facebook page:

I agree it should be stopped and spreading their horrible negativity isn’t good for anyone.

I believe there is a huge majority of people who support the McCann’s, I’m one of them.

What is always helpful to remember when we read disgusting, ignorant and hate-full comments is that there is really only a very small number of people who react like that.”

 The McCann's months before the three-year-old disappeared
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However, despite the backlash Madeline’s parents have received over the continuous funding, police have reported they are now on the hunt for a ‘person of significance’.

A source connected with Scotland Yard stated:


It is as much to rule out the person out of the inquiry as anything else.

However, the McCann’s also received hate a few weeks back after it was reported they had not once been questioned over their daughter’s disappearance by British police.

Police are reported to have used key interviews to make judgments but as of yet, have not gone as far as to have face-to-face questioning with the missing girl’s parents.

Colin Sutton; former Met detective chief inspector said:

I would conduct fresh interviews with all the key British witnesses. We’re talking about interviews given by the McCanns and friends through an interpreter, written down in Portuguese and then translated back into English so officers from Grange can read them. The room for error would be enormous.