Jim Davidson appeared on Good Morning Britain and discussed the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, which he said was a “trial by television.”

After facing his own issues with sexual abuse allegations back in 2013, controversial comic Jim Davidson went onto Good Morning Britain and offered up his opinion on the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal that has swept the news and cracked Hollywood to its core.

Davidson, 63, no doubt raised a few eyebrows with his comments, after saying the whole story “unpleasant”, and saying: “I’m afraid men take advantage of women and women take advantage of men, that’s life.”

The comedian and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today and was asked about his thoughts on the current investigation into the behaviour down the years of one of Hollywood’s most powerful men.

Jim Davidson on Good Morning Britain on Thursday morning

Talking to hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd, he said: “It’s not very nice the stories that are coming up, there are allegations – it’s trial by television, I’d like to see if he is arrested and if he is charged.

“It’s not very nice, all these things are very unpleasant.

“It’s a stigma that doesn’t go away, I tell you.”

The comedian didn’t seem to want to stay on the topic too long, as he said: “I’d like to see how this story plays out.”

In 2013, Jim Davidson faced allegations of historical sex abuse when he was arrested at the airport during Operation Yewtree, an investigation set up in the wake of the Jimmy Saville abuse scandal, with the claims alleging that he had sexually assaulted ten women up to 25 years ago.

He was first arrested in January of 2013 and then again in March as part of Operation Yewtree, but he protested his innocence throughout, and the charges were eventually dropped.

After Jim Davidson’s interview on Good Morning Britain, Tamara Ecclestone has had a few things to say about the comments regarding the scandal surrounding the disgraced film mogul that the 63-year-old comedian made on the morning show.

News of what Davidson had to say reportedly incensed the heir to the F1 crown and she took to Instagram to post a note to her two hundred and seventy-nine thousand followers. In the post, she labels the comedian’s comments as ‘deplorable’, while suggesting that Davidson’s comments and actions were just an attempt to get into the headlines.

Tamara Ecclestone is not happy with Jim Davidson’s comments

After Davidson made the comment of women taking advantage of men as well as men taking advantage of women, she wrote: “Deplorable. When you’re (sic) so thirsty for your few minutes on TV that you stop low enough to say this this or even more worryingly you truly believe it. I think Mr Davidson is confused about what truly is unpleasant.”

It comes after Harvey Weinstein, the co-founder of Miramax and producer of films such as Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Shakespeare in Love and Gangs of New York, who is one of Hollywood’s most influential producers, was accused of sexual harassment, assault and rape by numerous actresses over a 30-year period.

Many of Hollywood’s leading figures have come out condemning Weinstein’s behaviour.