The thing we absolutely love about fast food from chain restaurants is the consistency. If you love a Maccies cheese burger, you know it’s always going to be the same. Back in 1997, a Mcdonald’s cheese burger tastes the same as it does now, twenty years on! Food may be consistent but of course these restaurants have to flow with the times, therefore the decor is one thing that certainly does not, and cannot remain the same.

In this article we have put together five then and now pictures of some our favourite fast food outlets. The original photos are from the 90s so prepare yourself for a huge dose of nostalgia as you scroll down.

Burger King

Shops Burger King
Photo: Flickr/Wikipedia

I love the chairs in the picture on the left. That floral pattern just screams 90s doesn’t it? It is like something Hyacinth Bucket would wear as a dress.


Shops Maccies
Photo: 9gag/Flickr

McDonald’s appeared to be more child orientated back in the 90s. It was all about toys and Happy Meals but they must have realised that their food is loved by the majority of people and therefore toned down the burger seats with faces on. We don’t see much of Ronald these days either do we?


shops Starbucks
Photo: English251/360inspiration

Starbucks was a well known coffee shop that gradually become more trendy and hip to hang out in. That’s why you pay about £4 for a coffee in there these days.


Shops Subway
Photo: Imgur/Flickr

Love how naff Subway used to be. Look at those bright yellow chairs!


Shop Greggs
Photo: Wikipedia,

Greggs can’t be found in the majority of towns and cities in England these days. We are pretty sure that most of you will not remember when Greggs looked like it did in the above left picture. The prices are still ridiculously cheap despite the massive expansion and modernisation of the company!