Viewers of Eastenders have been left gobsmacked by the unrealistic portrayal of Linda Carter’s cancer storyline in the soap.
After noticing her symptoms had returned, Linda was pressured by Woody to get in touch with a professional to check whether or not the cancer had made a comeback.

However, after phoning through to her GP, she was told she would have to wait a ridiculous five weeks, just to get an appointment.


Viewers of the show were quick to notice the fact that the proposed waiting time is completely unrealistic, due to the fact she had been previously diagnosed with cancer – and now suspects a return of symptoms.

According to the NHS website: “You shouldn’t have to wait more than two weeks to see a specialist if your GP suspects you have cancer and urgently refers you.”

Fans were outraged by the error, due to the fact that cancer is now one of the biggest killers and should be researched properly when broadcasting to a large audience.

Such scenes are broadcast to cause awareness of conditions and may even have an impact on someone’s life, therefore there’s no room for errors.

Many viewers took to Twitter to air their viewpoints on the error:

If Linda has just finished cancer treatment they would never make her go five weeks when she’s symptomatic again” One user commented.

Knowing Linda’s past medical history, surely the hospital would have seen her a lot sooner” Another added.

Whilst another furious viewer wrote: “No way does even our current stretched NHS make a cancer patient wait five weeks when their symptoms return.



However, this isn’t the first time Eastenders has made a huge research error when it came to a serious portrayal.

Stacey was left in tears after her children were whipped away by social services without having a full investigation.

Without becoming too involved in the issue, a social worker entered the property and took the children away immediately.


Viewers were left speechless by the way in which the scene was handled and many viewers of the episode also took to Twitter to comment:

Social services storyline is so far-fetched a) they don’t turn up that quick and with police b) wouldn’t just remove them,” one said.

Social services storyline is so far fetched a) they don’t turn up that quick and with police b) wouldn’t just remove them,” another commented.