EastEnders fans were in hysterics tonight as they noticed quite an obvious blunder with a certain Sharon Mitchell and a certain cordless landline.

As Sharon was getting bombarded with constant prank calls in the early hours of the morning, she was getting understandably annoyed at having to go up and down the stairs time and time again.

In her dressing gown, a perturbed Sharon had to go up and down the stairs over and over again to answer the phone.

She came back down stairs to answer yet another phone call, only for it to stop ringing just as she was about to answer it.

But again, just as she got upstairs ready to turn in for the night, the phone rang again, but this time she managed to get back down to answer it and ended up blowing into the receiver.

Michelle and Louise were at the top of the stairs, and Sharon told them that whoever was ringing kept hanging up. She then shared a hunch that she thought it might be her stalker Tom.

But viewers were taken out of the scene quite sharply when they realised something: Sharon had a cordless phone, so why didn’t she just take it upstairs with her, Instead of having to keep coming and going up and down the stairs?

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their confusion, with one user saying: “Does Sharon not realise the phone’s cordless?! #eastenders”.

A second added: “I don’t think Sharon understands the concept of a cordless phone…#Eastenders”.

A third said: “Why is Sharon rushing downstairs to answer a cordless phone? Why would you not keep it by the bed at night – it’s not 1980 #eastenders #isitme”.

Many other users echoed the same thoughts, as they were baffled as to why Sharon didn’t just take it up stairs with her. But then again, the scene wouldn’t have worked then, so logic sometimes has to go out of the window where the plot is concerned!