Friday night’s episode of Eastenders delivered shocking viewing with little Arthur Fowler being found unconscious.

Most of the episode surrounded his mum, Stacey Fowler, and stepdad, Martin, arguing between themselves.

Stacey has been struggling to deal with the fact Arthur is likely to have inherited Brugada syndrome from his biological father, Kush Kazemi, and this lead to her blowing her top.

Martin has been concerned over Stacey’s mental health and instead of just asking her if she’s been taking her medication he decided to check up on her.

She saw red at this and became angry, just telling him that she was a worried mother, terrified her son was going to die. If Arthur has inherited Brugada syndrome, he will need expensive equipment to help him with it.


Once Martin and Stacey had finished arguing they settled down for a cuddle on the sofa. At this point Bex came running down stairs screaming that Arthur wouldn’t wake up.

Stacey begged Martin to see if Arthur was breathing and he told Bex to call an ambulance. This is where the episode ended with the famous theme-tune.

Fans of the show were angry with the storyline though. Some saying it was “ridiculous” that Arthur suddenly stops breathing the same week he’s been diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome and he’s been fine since birth.

Doesn’t seem to have gone down to well with the fans at all! What’s your opinion on the situation?