Coronation Street hasn’t had the best run lately where continuity and gaffes are concerned, and it’s not going to get any better, as Amy and Asha seem to travel through time from performing a Bony M song to being on the cobbles in a matter of seconds.

Corrie viewers were left confused on Wednesday night. It started with Cathy and Brian almost crashing into David’s car after Amy and Asha threw a tin of paint over it before heading off to a Bony M tribute concert.

However, after receiving their punishments in the second episode, the girls appeared to move through the fabric of time and space to appear on the cobbles only seconds later.

Within no time at all Amy and Asha were in a different location

Maybe they’ve been having a word with Doc Brown about that flux capacitor…

The ITV soap’s viewers quickly realised that something was amiss with the timeline continuity of the show, as Amy and Asha seemed to be in two places, in different clothes, at almost the same time.

After the incident with the car, Brian and Cathy called a meeting with Amy and Asha’s parents to discuss the issue, followed by Tracy promptly throwing them out of the house.

It then came to light that Tracy and Dev agreed that the girls should perform a Bony M tribute act for Brian and Cathy in full costume and in their house while Cathy got ready for bed.

However, here is where the huge continuity error took place, as in the next scene, Amy and Asha can be seen in the background of a shot following Zeedan and Rana, as Summer Spellman, the adopted daughter of Billy and Todd, approached them to speak.

She asked the pair if they had been punished, to which Amy said they just had to wash Roy’s car.

But after Summer had spoken to Amy and Asha, she headed home with Todd to start making dinner, and as they did so, other residents could be seen laying the tables for their evening meals.

What is going on with these time jumps?!

Amy and Asha’s Bony M tribute

Needless to say, viewers were convinced that Amy and Asha had discovered the secrets of teleportation.

But that error was forgiven somewhat by the viewers, as they seemed to love Amy and Asha’s Bony M tribute!

Cathy and Brian enjoyed the performance

“Amy and Asha are dressed up and singing then the next scene they’re outside playing catch,” tweeted one dumbfounded viewer.

“Quick change for Asha and Amy from singing to Cathy?” said another.

“Amy and Asha singing Babylon for Cathy and Brian has me dead,” said one viewer.

Another added multiple crying with laughter emojis and the words: “Amy and Asha as Boney M – PRICELESS!”