The BBC Breakfast presenter was forced to apologise after an embarrassing mistake on today’s show caused confusion among viewers.

The 42-year old presenter was joined on the sofa by Charlie Stayt, and was about to run through the headlines of the day when she informed viewers at home what the time was.

Unfortunately, however, she didn’t give a correct time, as she said: “It is three minutes to seven, three minutes to seven is the time.”

She added: “Well, it will be in about one second. News and weather where you are coming up shortly.”

So far, so good – except Naga was actually an hour behind in her delivery of the time, and those at home took to social media immediately to comment on the gaffe, as well as to say that they were caught off guard by the wrong time and ended up being late for work.

One viewer, who thought they had an extra hour in bed lined up, tweeted: “NAGA: ‘It’s 3 minutes to 7’ she says. (Oh great ! I can roll over & go back to sleep) #bbcbreakfast @BBCBreakfast.”(sic)

Another added: “@BBCNaga nooooooo you nearly caused me to loose it this morning by giving us the wrong time lol thanks for the shock #bbcbreakfast.”(sic)

After the mistake was pointed out, Naga took to Twitter to apologise for her error.

“Oops – sorry – failed again to tell the time correctly – It is now 0800! x,” she tweeted.