Viewers were left speechless by this morning’s live broadcast of BBC Breakfast, as presenter Naga Munchetty randomly started to belt out a tune during the show.

Alongside co-presenter Charlie Stayt, the pair were in the midst of discussing the correct and hygienic way to wash hands and the length of time it should take.

However, Naga took things one step further as she started to belt out ‘Happy Birthday’, whilst they both washed their hands in the studio as a demonstration on just how long the process should take.

BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty Charlie Stayt Twitter Happy Birthday hand washing

However, Charlie was far from impressed by the outburst and labelled Naga’s performance as “embarrassing“.

People need to wash their hands for a full 20 seconds, that’s to get rid of viruses and bacteria that can cause colds, flu, and upset stomachs, that is according to the royal pharmaceutical society,” he said.

He then went on to make a dig at Naga with: “Now, aside from the slightly embarrassing issue of the singing there… that did feel like an extremely long time.”

Naga apologised for her random act, adding: “We did sing it, apologies for the singing, but this is just how long 20 seconds is.

Viewers of the show were far from impressed, with many agreeing that the moment was “painful” and “awkward”.

BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty Charlie Stayt Twitter Happy Birthday hand washing
One user quipped: “Wow BBC Breakfast getting really painful to watch. Did anyone see the hand-washing Happy Birthday piece?

Another user commented: “#bbcbreakfast sorry, couldn’t bear awkward, cringing Naga any longer, switched to GMTV.

Whilst another added: “And now prime morning UK news show #bbcbreakfast is showing us how to wash our hands whilst singing Happy Birthday. Save it for CBeebies!”

This awkward gaffe isn’t the first time the presenters have made headlines for random behaviour during a live TV broadcast.

Just two weeks ago, the pair had an awkward squabble in front of the nation over the new £10 notes.

BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty Charlie Stayt Twitter Happy Birthday hand washing

During the report, Nadya took a swipe at her co-host, claiming they were supposed to be “crease-free… unless your name is Charlie Stayt”.

Charlie leapt to his own defense, stating: “Well, the reason we did that earlier on, we brought one in and just to check, we gave it a little bit of a scrunch – it was fine.”

With a frosty reply, Naga said: “We were given those in good faith and you’ve crinkled them.”

Charlie abruptly ended the argument with: “It’s alright, it’s OK.”

Viewers of the show were gobsmacked by Naga’s attitude towards Charlie and many leapt to defend the presenter via Twitter:

 “Naga being very rude to Charlie….she’s so annoying! #bbcbreakfast.”

Another wrote: “Why is naga rude to Charlie ? He never bites and remains professional whilst naga is always rude to him.”

The instance followed yet another awkward moment between the presenters, as Naga recently became unimpressed with a story surrounding a dog named Finn, who was reportedly running for Mayor in a Canadian city.

She told viewers: “We’ve had discussions about whether or not we needed to tell that story,” she said. “Producer liked it, the producer says yes – it goes.