Car Share fans have been going wild after the recent news that Amazon are set to release series 2 on DVD of the BBC show.

Fans of the show were eager for a second series after the first grabbed the attention of the nation – and definitely gave viewers a laugh a minute.

The first series became BAFTA Award-winning, whilst the second series is now up for a National Television Award, due to its immense popularity.

If you need a recap, you may recall the plot focused around John Redmond and Kayleigh Kitson, who are forced to take part in a Car Share scheme on their way to work.

With the second series reaching 5.5 million viewers in the final episode, many were left on the edges of their seats by a cliffhanger.

As fans expected an exciting third series, Peter Kay confirmed earlier this year that he would not be writing any further episodes – now, or ever for that matter.

If you wish to take a moment to remember one of the iconic moments of the show, let’s all appreciate this hilarious ‘Jump on Yer Bike’ remix:

However, what Kay didn’t expect is the total uproar he faced from his decision. During a phone interview with BBC Radio Manchester back in May, he said:

I never intended to talk about Car Share but you asked me about series three.

I said I don’t think there will be another, which there isn’t going to be, or a Christmas special, but I think people thought it was some kind of publicity plan.

My phone went mental, everyone said what have you done? I said ‘I just mentioned I’m not in another one, that’s the truth.’ I didn’t mean to upset anybody, I didn’t think there would be petitions.

However, Kay added that he himself found the last few scenes difficult to film; with his knowledge that the show would be no more.

I was very upset when we did it and when we filmed it and every time I’ve watched it back, I get a bit teary as well.” He said.

It was hard to film. We did three takes of it and we only used the first one because it was quite sad when she got out, I couldn’t believe it. It was strange.”

The end of series two ended with Kaye having a moment imagining the moment he would climb over a number of cars to reach Kayleigh – and fans were eager to know whether he would pursue asking her out on a date.

Ah well – I guess we’ll just never know.

The new series will be released on Amazon on 13th November, so keep your eyes peeled!