One of the best comedy series in recent years came to an end on Tuesday evening, as Peter Kay’s Car Share finished it’s second series, which the 43-year-old later confirmed would be the last, much to the disappointment of fans who were left wanting more.

Bolton-born Kay is undoubtedly one of the greatest British comedians of all time, so it is perhaps not surprising that there are some brilliantly funny subtle jokes in the programme that you may not have noticed. Here are five of them…

A cameo from a Game of Thrones star

Conleth Hill in Car Share

Episode two of the second series saw John and Kayleigh attend the office fancy dress party, going as Harry Potter and Hagrid respectively. But on the way back they were joined by drunken Smurf Elsie who loved a gossip.

From urinating at the side of John’s car to making saucy comments about her co-workers, Elsie was certainly a lively character, and many viewers were surprised to find out that it was Game of Thrones actor Conleth Hill who had had his face painted blue.

The Northern Irishman is well-known for playing Lord Varys in the HBO phenomenon since 2011, a character almost a polar opposite to Elsie.

The incredible road signs and billboard adverts

Shaun Ryder sign

30 minutes of continually seeing two characters talking in a car might get a bit boring, even if one those characters is Peter Kay, so the comedian splits the car scenes up with some brilliant visual comedy via some fictional street signs around Manchester. There’s now way you would have been able spot all of these…

There was the ‘Frying Nemo’ chip shop…

Frying Nemo

Shaun Ryder has had a rehabilitation centre named after him…

This make-believe Channel 4 documentary could almost be true…

Finally there was this brilliantly named coffee shop…

Wigan’s love of pies

Pies R Us

In episode three, John and Kayleigh bunked off work to visit the safari park, passing through Wigan on their way in which there were yet more superb signs. This time, they all centred around pies. Whether Kay was trying to imply something about the people of Wigan we’re not too sure…

Whether you wanted a pie bakery…

Or to ‘trade’ your cash for pies…

Wigan has you covered.

Guy Garvey from Elbow

Guy Garvey

As well as Conleth Hill’s cameo, series two also gave a role to Guy Garvey, Radio 6 Music DJ and lead singer of Elbow. The 43-year-old played motorbike mechanic Steve, Kayleigh’s brother in law.

“When I was writing it I kept picturing Guy Garvey, I don’t know why,” Kay told Steve Wright’s show on BBC Radio 2.

“I just kept picturing him as this guy with a bike. I rang him and he said he enjoyed it. I said, ‘Well funnily enough would you fancy being in it?’ He said, ‘Well, I’ve not done anything since school plays.’ And he was really good. It was a bit of a gamble because he could have been really wooden but he was relaxed enough to be himself.”

Forever FM

One of the highlights of Car Share has to be incredible radio station that is Forever FM, always on in John’s car and home to cheesy adverts and classic game classic ‘Who’s the celebrity in the toaster?’.

If you, like us, will miss the wonderful local radio station, then fear not. The BBC have made a playlist for all Forever FM’s hits on Spotify, meaning you can singalong or just reminisce on your own car journey to work.